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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: New Champion Era

It was a bad day for parts of the NHL, but absolutely nothing was going to rain on the Capitals’ parade. A new era of champions and celebrations is upon us.

NHL: Washington Capitals-Stanley Cup Championship Parade Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey News & Rants

Predators to Play Six-Game 2018 Preseason Schedule | NHL
Mark your calendars, Nashville Predators Hockey returns September 17! Pre-season begins at the Bridge on September 21!

Ottawa assistant GM due in court, to miss part of NHL draft | The Sacramento Bee
It’s been a rough week for the Ottawa Senators...and it’s only Wednesday.

NHL - Weekly Reader - Jon Taffer on Vegas Golden Knights fandom | ESPN
Taffer gets it. It’s business if the NHL wants to continue to grow, they have to tap into markets they haven’t reached yet. Vegas was a learning experience that did exactly that. And you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think they’re going to try to find the exact same success in Seattle.

Other NHL wives show support for Melinda Karlsson | Ottawa Sun
This is such a dark and horrible situation for the Karlsson family, and unbelievably unfair that they’ve had to put up with it while trying to heal from tragedy. I hope for their sake it doesn’t take an even darker turn once the NHL and police investigate.

I can’t imagine that if Hoffman knew he would let it continue, especially to his own teammate, but if he did, what a blow to the hockey community. He’d be a pariah to every team he ever played for going forward, if anyone was willing to take on the baggage.

Alex Ovechkin — captain, husband, expectant father — reaches hockey's summit | Chicago Tribune
If Alex Ovechkin swearing in-front of thousands of people on our nation’s capital while rubbing the Stanley Cup in the faces of everyone who said the Capitals would “suck” this year doesn’t go down as one of the greatest moments in sports history, I’m done with sports.

The Capitals drank so much beer during their Stanley Cup celebration. There was also a parade. - The Washington Post
I need someone to explain T.J. Oshie’s beer drinking technique. What does the shirt do? It’s only Bud Light, was he trying to turn it to water?

NHL Rumour Roundup: Latest on John Tavares, Ilya Kovalchuk | SportsNet
I’m sure absolutely nothing could go wrong bringing a 35-year-old player back to the NHL after spending five seasons in the KHL.

New era of NHL has seen Lord Stanley’s Cup captured by more and more teams | Seattle Times
As it should be. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I wouldn’t want to see my team win the Cup every single season. Then it becomes something else and doesn’t seem as special, and honestly it makes fan bases absolutely vicious and unbearable when their team starts losing.

You know who you are.

Is Alex Ovechkin’s Bender the Best Time Anyone’s Had with the Stanley Cup? | Vice
Yes. If you ever wanted to know if there was a difference between just winning the Stanley Cup and WINNING the Stanley Cup, Alex Ovechkin is here for you!

God bless him.