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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Unrestricted

New York will give up all their bagels to keep Tavares, but until someone locks him down don’t expect too many other UFA signings.

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Hockey News & Rants

NHL - John Tavares free agency - Odds that various teams sign him - New York Islanders, Toronto Maple Leafs, San Jose Sharks | ESPN
Seriously, it’s the John Tavares show right now. Google is working extra hard to even figure out who else is a UFA and if anyone cares at the moment.

TAVARES OR BUST...apparently.

NHL free agency: Could Predators make a pitch to John Tavares? | The Tennessean
Every time David Poile says he's not going to make any moves, he makes moves so I don't believe anything anyone says this time of year.

I’m not sure there’s enough Jedi Mind Tricks left for Poile to land Tavares. Would it be amazing if he could pull it off, absolutely! I don’t doubt Poile still has an ace up his sleeve, but he’s not going to move any of his assets or blow out his cap space just for Tavares.

New York Islanders: John Tavares Offered Bagels For Life From Bagel Boss | FanSided
Firstly, bagels are garbage (you can @ me), if this is the only thing keeping the Isle’s Tavares dreams alive they’re doomed! I can imagine Poile’s phone call talking about State Income Taxes and hot chicken really did put Nashville back in the running.

NHL Free Agents 2018: Rumors and Predictions for Top Players Available | Bleacher Report
Hey look! There are other UFAs available!’s just two dudes who should probably retire... think Tavares likes cream cheese on his bagels?

Flyers wouldn’t budge on rumored Wayne Simmonds trade at NHL draft | NBC Sports
Simmonds was basically held together with glue and paperclips which kept him from being his typical 30-goal-scoring self this season, but I wouldn’t count him out going forward. The Flyers might be able to get a good return for him if they’re willing to negotiate.

Top 5 left wings Stars could target in free agency: Should Dallas bring back James Neal? | Sports Day
After all the pitchfork mobs that were organized when Poile didn’t protect Neal during the expansion, I’m a little disappointed that no one is rallying to bring him back. Sure he’s asking for more than he’s probably worth but every real heel would.

Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2018: Martin Brodeur, Willie O’Ree among NHL inductees | CBS Sports
I’m not sure how Gary Bettman managed to end up along side the likes of Martin Brodeur and Willie O’Ree but alright, I guess it was going to happen eventually.

Golden Knights sue StubHub for $1.5M from playoff ticket sales | Las Vegas Review Journal
I’m not sure how Vegas is going to pull this one off, letting StubHub “demand” they let fans resell their tickets was a rookie mistake.

Nashville’s ticket policies aren’t looking so ridiculous now are they?

Top overtime moments of 2017-18 season discussed by writers | NHL
Who doesn’t love a good over the top OT moment?

Miller signs five-year contract with Lightning | NHL
Tampa doesn’t care about Tavares! Honestly, low-key moves like this is probably why I always forget they exist.