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Monday’s Dump and Chase: Picking Corners

The Caps lead the Knights in the Stanley Cup Final. It’s June. It’s steamy. Welcome to summertime.

In Nashville, my husband has joined a beer league and is really good at screening goalies. I’ve learned way too much about physical testing at the NHL Draft Combine. I’m reading everything Nashville/Milwaukee-related and it’s not enough to satisfy my need for Predators news. In the rest of the hockey-universe:

Nashville Predators News

2017-18 Player Reviews: Kevin Fiala - On the Forecheck
Here's Kevin Fiala's 2017-2018 report card. How did the young winger do with a new number?

Ramblings, Vol. 49 – Admirals Roundtable
Here's the latest Ramblings from Dan at Admirals Roundtable.

Around the League

Off-Season Game Plan: Philadelphia Flyers - Article - TSN
I look forward to the day that Phily is better than Pittsburgh.

Vegas' top line a disappearing act in Cup Final so far - Article - TSN
What a sassy headline...although it's the truth.

Game 3 Recap: Washington Keeps the Pedal Down, Overpowers Vegas 3-1 - Japers' Rink
Here's the recap from last night's game from our SB Nation pals at Japers' Rink.

Is a sign and trade possible for Canadiens' Max Pacioretty? -
Hmmm...where could Pacioretty end up next season?

Capitals won Game 3 of Final by moving puck faster than Golden Knights
The Golden Knights, for once, looked slow and sluggish against the Capitals on Saturday night.

Ovechkin 'on another level' for Capitals in Game 3 win vs. Golden Knights
Ovi wants a Cup. He's leading the charge like the captain he is.

Oshie, Niskanen ride Metro with Capitals fans to Game 3 of Cup Final
Hockey players...they're just like us!

Fox Sports TN reporter Kristopher Martel has a new book coming out (in 6-ish months). It’s a book about awesome Predators stories. I know I’m pre-ordering a copy! Check out the info here:

Have a great week, folks!