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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: #ALLCAPS vs #nocaps

This series has had a great deal of good hockey. But it seems that Washington may have Vegas pretty well figured out.

2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Three Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

2018 Stanley Cup Final(s) News:

2018 NHL Stanley Cup finals: Golden Knights-Capitals Game 4 highlights, recap and analysis | The Washington Post
"The Capitals weathered an early flourish from the Golden Knights but then began dominating on the scoreboard as Vegas found no luck in Washington. One more win in this best-of-seven series will give the Caps their first-ever Stanley Cup." #ALLCAPS

Who threw a crab? This Capitals fan required two pairs of underwear to pull it off. | The Washington Post
"Jack Merritt solicited advice from a crab-tossing expert before trying to start a new tradition at Game 3." Does cooked seafood count? Did anyone see if his friend continued the tradition after Game 4?

Smashville News:

2018 Nashville Predators Offseason Schedule | I know this was posted before, but the last flurry of activities before the crickets start chirring is fast approaching.

And thhhhheeeeyyyyyy’rrrreee baaaacccckkk -

Finally back in Vancouver for the summer

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Central Division News:

Rocky Wirtz acknowledges changes could be coming for Blackhawks: 'Nothing lasts forever' |
Well no pressure there Blackhawks......

St. Louis Blues And Tulsa Oilers Renew Affiliation For 2018-19 | Bleedin' Blue
"The St. Louis Blues renewed their affiliation with the Tulsa Oilers for 2018-19. This gives them an official farm system with two teams under their umbrella." The Blues have their affiliate ducks in a row. Maybe it's time for us to pick up an official ECHL affiliate?

NHL Buyout Candidates: Central Division - Practical And Not Practical For Each Team |
Sure, because after finally getting our center depth lined up, we would buy out a center (and an asset that could be traded). We must have had no real candidate. However (sorry AJ) check out the practical buyout for Colorado.

Other Hockey News:

Golden Knights will 'see what we're made of' heading into Game 4 of Final |
Well apparently they are made of something less than granite. Ideas?

Golden Knights success seen as positive for NHL by GMs, executives |
I'm not sure if it is a result of the particular people interviewed but a) the idea that Las Vegas' year doesn't put any pressure on other GMs is disingenuous and b) the GM comments are not as self aware as they should be.

Meet the ‘Jackie Robinson of the NHL’ | GOOD Sports
"The Bruins might be out of the 2018 Stanley Cup, but Willie O'Ree's legacy lives on." Nice piece. I wish this past season hadn't shown that we haven't come as far as we should have in over half a century. (And who knew Dick's Sporting Goods did sports articles?)

Super Slow Mo: Behind the Scenes |
Well Hi P.K. Subban - you are pretty sweaty! Oooo the Troll! That's it? Weak. If anyone else spots another Predator, shout it out in the comments. Oh and Phil Kessel should get his blood pressure checked.

How One NHL Team Scores A Goal With Their MVCs |
"A brand's most valuable customers need to be treated differently. One NHL team goes above and beyond it how it shows its appreciation for its MVCs." They should have interviewed more than one team for this piece. There isn’t anything in here that the Nashville Predators don't do and I'd bet other teams do most, if not all, of it too.