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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Hibernation

The days are long, it’s too hot, and there’s no hockey. Wake me up when it’s October.

Foxes in a Snow Field in Miyagi Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images

Hockey News & Rants

Blog: Preds Staffers, Soles4Souls Give Back in Honduras | NHL
Do we love the Preds organization or do we love the Preds organization?

Six early NHL breakout candidates to watch in 2018-19 |SportsNet
It’s never too early to start piling your teams’ hopes and dreams on the newest rookie.

Improved or not: How all 31 NHL teams stack up | ESPN
It’s that time of year where every week there will be an article about how all the teams have or haven’t improved, despite the fact that most of them haven’t even blinked since the week before. That’s how slow the hockey world is.

Send Help.

Canadiens expected to come up well short of NHL salary cap again | Montreal Gazette
Meanwhile the rest of us are still trying to pinpoint exactly when Montreal became a raging uncontrollable dumpster fire.

NHL’s Senators and Maple Leafs land dairy partner | SportsPro
“The collaboration, which sees milk become the official rehydration and recovery drink of the Senators” Is this the NHL version of “Got Milk?” Also, I need live footage of someone rushing off the ice to chug some milk, because LOL.

Coyotes owner looks to sell almost half of team he values at $500 million | SportingNews
I can see it now...

Jerry Bruckheimer presents...The Seattle Coyotes

Adidas is already designing a grungy flannel third jersey.

CSI: NHL coming in 2020

Judge denies class-action status for NHL concussion lawsuit | NYDailyNews
This is terrible. I’d be curious to read the court orders for the NHL’s case and the NFL’s, surely they can’t be that different. What would lead one to be denied over the other?

The best value deals in NHL free agency so far | Yahoo Sports
Because seeing value deal, Buffalo, and Carter Hutton in the same few sentences will never not make me chuckle.