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Friday's Dump & Chase: YASNPFI

The Nashville Scene unveiled their annual You Are So Nashville If yesterday and it predictably features a lot about the local professional hockey team. So what would a Predators fan version look like?

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NHL: Nashville Predators at Detroit Red Wings Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville News & Notes

Mismash hopes to bring physical style to Predators after college |
Robby Stanley caught up with the Predators prospect at development camp.

Frederick Gaudreau Deserves a Permanent Roster Spot in Nashville - On the Forecheck
ICYMI, Rachel expounded on the virtues of Freddy Hockey.

From Switzerland to Smashville: Josi, Baker Enjoy Special Friendship |
Josi is going to retire and start his own record label, isn't he?

PHT Q&A: P.K. Subban on state of NHL, video game cheating – ProHockeyTalk
There were 76 days left until the regular season yesterday, so of course Pro Hockey Talk called up P.K.

Youth hockey a growing trend | Local Sports |
Hockey participation is growing in Kentucky!

30th Annual You Are So Nashville If ... | Nashville Scene
Well of course you have to separate out the golds; they'll fade if you don't.

Around Hockey

Ranking the NHL's best locked-in young core talent groups | ESPN
Nashville clocks in at #2 on this list behind...Edmonton?

Do teams have more success counterattacking at home? - - TSN
It's interesting to kick around numbers like this, although the requisite sample sizes mean it doesn't have much affect during a single game.

Chelios leaving Red Wings to return to Chicago | USA Today
I'm not sure if he'll be taking a role with the local professional hockey team.

Report: Panarin sets deadline for resolution with Blue Jackets -
I'm very meh about this situation. Jarmo can either trade him as a rental or treat him as an own rental. At least Columbus won't be holding an empty bag next July.