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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Summer Nights

The kids are heading back to school soon, which means it’s that time of year where Bridgestone starts working on arena upgrades because hockey season is just around the corner.

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Colorado Avalanche v Nashville Predators - Game Five Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Hockey News & Rants

Nashville Predators' Austin Watson pleads no contest to domestic assault charge | The Tennessean
Austin Watson had his day in court yesterday and the NHL is now launching their own investigation. We’ll have a full post to follow on the site later today.

And The Nashville Predators’ Biggest Rival Is... | On the Forecheck
I get that the Blackhawks are probably the franchise rivalry for the Preds and will be for a long time, but considering how terrible they’ve been I don’t get as fired up as I used to when we had to play them. Now when Anaheim rolls to town, I feel some sort of Green Street Hooligans like posession take over.

And who voted for Vegas at number 1?

Preds Rookies to Participate in 2018 Prospect Showcase | NHL
The Rookies are set to invade Florida before heading to training camp.

Preds, Bridgestone Arena Upgrading LED Ribbons, Game Presentation | NHL
Looks like it’s time for Bridgestone’s yearly facelift!

NHL free agency news: Capitals re-sign Brooks Orpik after trading him to Avalanche | NHL | Sporting News
Did Colorado just get Chicago’d by Washington?

New York Islanders sign F Brock Nelson to 1-year, $4.25 million deal | ESPN
The real question for the Islanders this season will be can they even Isle without Tavares?

Google Chrome now tells users that’s stat site is not secure | Russian Machine Never Breaks
Sadly, this probably won’t be the last time the NHL is behind the times.

10 changes that would make the NHL better | NBC Sports
My favorite part of the off-season is everyone wildly speculating what will make the league better.

I couldn’t make it past “Move the Arizona Coyotes to Quebec” so let me know if I missed anything good!

The Daniel Carcillo Story (Part I: The Road To The NHL) | Fansided
I love a good road to the NHL story, and say what you want about Dan Carcillo, he’s been very outspoken about player safety and wanting the league to take head injuries more seriously. He’s retired now, but he’s still fighting the good fight.

In N.H.L. Concussion Lawsuit, Gary Bettman Opts to Fight | The New York Times
I get the legalities now about not wanting to approve a class-action lawsuit, given the kind of chaos it could cause between states and what not, but that doesn’t mean the league shouldn’t have to take responsibility for the injuries past and present players have suffered.

The more I read about Bettman’s stance on head injuries the more he morphs into a comic book villain that no one likes, but keeps coming back to ruin the plot. Like could you just not, Gar?

NHL gets mega petty in suit against knockoff Stanley Cup beer steins | News Wire
This is so petty, and I can’t help but laugh. I get it, the Cup is a trademark, but come on the NHL is just mad because they didn’t think of it first.

Air Pop Pop Corn Makers shaped like the Stanley Cup, they’re all over it, but something simple like a beer mug...they’re just embarrassed they didn’t think of it first.

Meanwhile I have an extra pre-NHL lawsuit era Stanley Cup Beer Stein on hand and I’ll start the bidding at...