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Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Emotionally Invested In Pontus

Tom Wilson, who is terrible, has been given the keys to the city with a huge contract and a modified NMC...meanwhile, we can’t get Ryan Ellis signed.

NHL: Calgary Flames at Nashville Predators Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey News

Tom Wilson cashes in with $31 million extension – ProHockeyTalk
Totally makes sense. Totally worth the money. Think of the penalties you'd miss out on! Think of the suspensions you wouldn't see! This sets a terrible precedent for mediocre players’ contract expectations. It really put GMs in a bad spot for negotiations in the future. I can just see agents pointing to this contract when their clients are offered a fair salary. Players now have to wonder what they're worth in Washington.

Tom Wilson celebrates new contract by going to a milk bar Russian Machine Never Breaks
To each his own, I suppose.

Edmonton Oilers winger Pontus Aberg Stuck In No Man’s Land
Big thanks to @statsrespecter for pointing out this article about Pontus Aberg. As a man whose wife is "emotionally invested in Pontus", I probably don't do as well as I should in staying up to date on the professional career of her favorite former Predator. (Sorry, Nealer)

Why patience could pay off for Matthews, Marner in contract talks – TheHockeyNews
Extend now and take the safe money or gamble on yourself and net a HUGE payday? If you're Auston Matthews, which course do you take?

The Hockey News’ top 200 fantasy players for 2018-19 – TheHockeyNews
A great resource for the Fantasy Hockey Owner that also is not a Predators fan

World Junior Showcase 'tremendous opportunity' for NHL prospects -
Who are you most excited to get a look at?

Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford says he's 'not 100 per cent' -
If it turns out this is related to the long-term after effects of head trauma, you'd have to speculate that there may be a push from somewhere higher up the ladder to keep it quiet.

Wild agree to five-year, $27.5M deal with Jason Zucker -
We probably posted this when it happened, but I wanted to point out how much money Jason Zucker is going to make coming off of a 33 goal 31 assist season compared to the year Tom Wilson has had. I wonder what Zucker's worth in Washington. (I'll note that I'd gladly take Zucker in gold)

Lemieux's Quebec castle listing includes nod to jersey number |
Nice move, Lemieux, your clever pricing leaves me exactly 66 dollars short of buying your little shack.

Jets counting on internal options to replace Stastny
Now that I have special hatred for the Winnipeg Jets, I should probably keep updated on the new players I will be booing next season.