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Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Weekend Part II

Thanks to the Fourth of July it’s felt like Monday every day this week, but the weekend is really here.

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2018 NHL Awards Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Hockey News & Rants

Predators: Shea Weber injury more proof P.K. Subban trade win for Nashville | The Tennessean
I feel genuinely bad for Shea. No matter what your take on the trade is, at the end of the day no one got the shorter end of the stick than he did.

Nashville Predators switch to Coke and Dr. Pepper at Bridgestone Arena | The Tennessean
Shout out to everyone who decided to @ me about their devastation over losing Mountain Dew. I have nothing against Mountain Dew, however Sierra Mist will never be Sprite so all your arguments are lost on me.

Predators: What should Ryan Ellis' next contract look like? | The Tennessean
I’m sure Ellis will get a good contract, but I imagine his track record of injuries is probably going to play a role in the final number.

NHL - Weekly Reader - Fallout from first wave of free agency | ESPN
"Sorry, but we're going to need more clarification. Is John Tavares a prequels apologist? Does he rank any of them higher than the original or sequel trilogy films? CGI or puppet Yoda? Is Jar Jar a tragic figure? And does he relate more than ever to the chosen one being betrayed by the institution that selected and trained him, forcing him down an irreversible path to the dark side?"

Greg asks the important questions we all really want to know.

NHL - The biggest summer questions - where will Erik Karlsson land, which players will sign extensions, who's getting a third jersey and more | ESPN
I’m sorry, when did Vegas enter the running?

NHL Trades Happen Within Divisions Rarely, But Aren’t Totally Avoided | Canes Country
Why would you want to trade away a good player to a rival who you’re battling all season for a spot in the playoffs? I mean sure it’s going to happen every once in a while, but it’s not ideal for business.

NHL Off-Season Power Rankings: Who’s improved most (so far)? | SportsNet
If you squint really hard Nashville is on the list somewhere, but let’s be honest even we’re aware our signings are nothing to write home about.

Winners and losers in the NHL offseason so far | Boston Globe
“...Carter Hutton was the best goalie on the UFA market.”

Buffalo is where hockey dreams go to die.

Alex Burrows calls an end to eventful 13-season NHL career | NBC Sports
Eventful is the nice way of saying after 13 seasons the only things we’ll remember about him are a handful of questionable moments that probably should have made us question his character way before he retired.

44 NHL players file for salary arbitration | NHL
Some of these made me giggle.

Buffalo Sabres star Jack Eichel says he’s changing his jersey number | SportsNet
Is this because there’s absolutely nothing happening for Buffalo? Is this a cry for help? Eichel, are you okay?