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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Half Way There

This off-season is starting to feel unbearably long and unreasonably quiet...almost too quiet.

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Celebrities Attend The 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images

Hockey News & Rants

Bridgestone Arena renovations: Nashville Predators bringing more LED lights, 'jersey roller coaster' | The Tennessean
Bridgestone is getting a lot more upgrades than we initially thought. ‘Jersey Roller Coaster’ sounds a lot more fun than it really is, but it’s still a nice touch.

P.K. Subban on why NBA players are more outspoken than NHL stars | SportsNet
Subban makes a great point. He’s probably one of the only players in the NHL that can be that frank about differences coming down to money. I have to respect him for saying it, because it’s definitely a difference maker and we all know it. If the NHL had NBA money we would be hearing a lot more opinions from players, and not just on vitamins and global warming.

Nashville Predators’ Top 25 Under 25: #22 Joonas Lyytinen | On the Forecheck
I enjoy getting to know about the prospects about as much as I enjoy figuring out how their names are actually supposed to be pronounced.

If the Philadelphia Flyers were Quidditch All-Stars instead of hockey players | Broad Street Hockey
This is funny! Also if the Flyers start trying any weird new strategies next season we’ll know what they were up to all summer.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman says league wants cut of gambling action | ESPN
“And if somebody is going to avail themselves or want to avail themselves of those assets in order to conduct their business, then we’re going to need to have a negotiation.”

Embrace your inner Penguin, Gar, embrace it.

Fantasy: First line rankings for 2018-19 | NHL
The upcoming season’s fantasy rankings are upon us, which means October close, yet still so far away.

Top 2019 NHL prospect Jack Hughes talks picking USNTDP over school | SportsNet
It’s interesting to see a story where there’s surprise over a prospect not going to school, when most stories can’t believe prospects would stick with school instead of heading straight to the NHL as soon as they’re able.

PHT Power Rankings: The NHL’s worst alternate jerseys | Yahoo Sports
If the Oilers even think about bringing back those jerseys just cancel everything.