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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: The Middle

We may officially be stuck in hockey purgatory.

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Winnipeg Jets v Nashville Predators - Game Seven Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Hockey News & Rants

Preds Promote Smashville Verified Fan in Advance of Single-Game Tickets | NHL
This could work if it really keeps bots from buying up tickets. Bots will always find a way, and this could just be another Ticketmaster bust, but at least the Preds are aware they have a ticket problem and trying to find ways to fix it.

Nashville Predators: 3 possible breakout players next season | Fansided
It’s been “Fiala Time” for a while now. If we haven’t gotten the breakout moment from him we’ve been waiting for, I’m not too convinced we’re ever going to get it.

The Tennessean got a new beat writer now that Adam Vingan has moved to the Athletic. Hi Paul!

I imagine once the season starts he’ll be overwhelmed with “Thanks Paul” tweets.

Joe Murphy: Ex-NHL No. 1 pick is reportedly homeless | USA Today
This is awful. No one ever wants to talk about the dark side of what happens after athletes can no longer play the game. Not everyone retires into the sunset, and the league should do what they can to try to help where they can.

NHL - Biggest snubs in voting for Mount Puckmore for all 31 teams | ESPN
Apparently people were really upset that Greg didn’t want to chisel Patrick Kane’s face on the side of a fake mountain.

NHL top 25 under 25: Ranking hockey’s best young stars (16-20) | Sporting News
Eric has been running down the Preds’ Top 25 Under 25 already this summer, and he puts in so much work, I can’t imagine how much it would take to take on the entire league.

Is Alex Ovechkin still the best winger in the NHL? | Yahoo Sports
Even if he’s not, he’s living like he is. Honestly, Ovechkin is really living right now, so maybe just let him have this moment, this summer, and we can talk about if he’s still cursed, living in Sid’s shadow, and all that garbage once October rolls around.

Komets announce affiliation with NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights | Wane News
My entire family is from/lives in Fort Wayne so I can say what I want about the place but this is pretty cool, it’s always good to see an ECHL team get a deal with the big show.

I mean geographically it makes zero sense because generally people tend to lean more Blackhawks or Red Wings, but you do you Vegas!

Seattle’s future hockey hub? Inside the big money — and community — of NHL practice facilities | Seattle Times
I think Seattle may be willing to become the hub for anything as long as it’s written in the contract that no one ever brings up that they were the backdrop for Twilight and 50 Shades.

How would hockey change without hitting? | Yahoo Sports
Because no off-season would be complete without rehashing this debate.

Meanwhile I want to debate about if the NHL ever created or allowed the making of a show like the History of the NHL’s Rock Opus Ice Capades would it be set to Queen or Led Zeppelin?