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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Closer

School is back in session in Nashville, meaning most of us will be sitting in traffic for the better part of the week. At least we’re that much closer to October.

L.A. Archbishop Jose Gomez Leads Annual Blessing Of The Animals Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Hockey News & Rants

Photos: Best of Roman Josi | NHL
A heaping serving of Roman Josi’s face for your Wednesday morning.

Carolina Hurricanes after Jeff Skinner trade | News & Observer
The Chicago Blackhawks of Carolina are done making moves this summer, but will it be enough to breathe new life into the franchise who’s future still seems uncertain?

Blackhawks legend Stan Mikita dead at 78 | NHL | Sporting News
What a legend. Chicago hockey wouldn’t be what it is without Stan Mikita. Even in passing Mikita will continue to shape the future of the game by dedicating his brain to CTE study.

Party on, Stan, party on.

NHL’s Max Pacioretty seeks $3.45 million for remodeled home in Boca Raton | LA Times
For a guy that spends about nine or more months out of the year in a different country and on the road, a multi-million dollar home in Florida does seem a bit unnecessary.

The NHL had to ask Rob Ray to keep his clothes on |
“Ever try to fight a large, greased up man on skates?”

Every sport has that one weird rule, that makes you stop and question, “wait, did someone actually do this?” If you haven’t had a chance to watch the documentary Ice Guardians I highly recommend it. It gives an interesting insight and perspective to fighting culture in the NHL and mentions a lot of entertaining and unbelievable antics such as this.

Seattle Gets Closer To Getting Hockey Team While Mariners' Funding Request Is In Jeopardy | Forbes
Meanwhile in Seattle, hockey is in and baseball is so last season.

Signing bonus issue lingers over next NHL labour deal | TSN
NHL contracts seem like a bigger headache than necessary.

Gibson says Ducks ‘more than capable’ of winning Stanley Cup | NHL

Gibson...come get your teammate.

Three questions facing Chicago Blackhawks | NHL
I imagine the Blackhawks will come out swinging in October, and then somewhere along the way they’ll sign that accountant as a longterm goalie, while still trying to offload unnecessary cap hits to Arizona.