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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Centuries

Fall Out Boy played Bridgestone last night, and I’m pretty sure their next album will just be a compilation for NHL arenas everywhere.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Winnipeg Jets at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey News & Rants

Tolvanen Scores Twice as Preds Rookies Fall in Tournament Finale | NHL
Sure, you want to see Nashville win, but if this is a glimpse at Tolvanen’s production when things aren’t going so well I can’t wait to see what he can do when they are.

Predators Announce Fan Programs for 2018-19 Season | NHL
Topgolf and Buffalo Wild Wings are the official bars and will host the official watch parties. They’re also the top two places where you can become easily distracted and miss the entire game.

Jalen Ramsey teases he has something in the works with the NHL | SportsNet
P.K. Subban might make an NHL player out of Jalen Ramsey after all.

Post retirement Subban is going to start a NHL training camp specifically for NFL players isn’t he?

NHL in mediation with ex-players in concussion lawsuit, says Gary Bettman | ESPN
"The Judge asked us to go into mediation and so we're complying with the judge's request"

Yes, because that's typically how the judicial system works, Gar.

The more I follow this case the less likely I am to ever like Bettman as a human being.

McQuaid traded to Rangers by Bruins | NHL
So much for that whole “don’t trade within your own division” thing.

NHL Rumors: Stars and Seguin … Kings and Pacioretty … Golden Knights, Gusev, and Karlsson | NHL Rumors
Vegas can’t have Pacioretty and Karlsson. They just can’t. You might as well just let them host another expansion draft before the season starts, it would hurt less.

Steve Yzerman steps down as general manager of Tampa Bay Lightning in stunning move | CBS Sports
What is going on with the Eastern Conference? They’ve made more changes the last few days than the entire league made all summer.

NHL Global Fan Tour to visit Germany, Switzerland, Sweden | NHL
Where can one sign up for said tour?

My favorite (and probably only part) of the expansion process!

Name this team!

But so help me, please don’t name this team the Sock Eyes!