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Friday’s Dump & Chase: 27 Games, 6 Assets, and 1 Big Contract

A bunch of numbers have been floating around these days...

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NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators News

Five Predators Who Need to Impress at Training Camp - On the Forecheck
Fan favorites, up and comers, and you might have forgotten that struggled in the playoffs.

Nashville Predators' Sean Henry speaks out on Austin Watson suspension

Austin Watson suspension: Predators miss mark

Around Hockey

Wild's Ryan Suter: Medically cleared -
Well, as a big fan of booing Ryan Suter, this is delightful news.

Erik Karlsson dealt to Sharks as Senators continue roster teardown – ProHockeyTalk
The San Jose Sharks really come out on top in this deal. Of course, any victory the Ottawa Senators try to claim would be a Pyrrhic victory. Of course, getting rid of Hoffman, at least I thought, was to calm the locker room tension, but following it up by getting rid of Erik Karlsson lets me know this whole ordeal is more about starting from scratch than it about looking out for your star players. And just remember, Julius Caesar was murdered in the Senate, so it's never a good idea to trust Senators.

Erik Karlsson on Ottawa: ‘I never wanted to leave this place’ – ProHockeyTalk
I assume he gave this speech while carrying a cardboard box with everything from his desk--stapler, plant, framed family picture--out to his old Dodge Stratus in the parking lot.

Bungling of Karlsson trade a sign all hope is lost until Senators are sold – TheHockeyNews
I still feel bad for Matt Duchene.

Victor Rask undergoes surgery on right hand, is out indefinitely ::
As someone who has been banned from the usage and handling of knives for a long time now (both childhood home and adult home due to a "14 stitches in one finger" incident) I know the dangers of food preparation all too well. I hope Victor Rask has a quick recovery and retains all feeling and usage of his fingers (can't feel one of mine).

Ben Meisner to work with Hockey Canada as mental health advocate | The Star
I was already impressed with Ben Meisner's article when I linked to it about a month ago. I'm excited that what he wrote struck a chord with so many people and hope that he can be a catalyst for change.

Dallas Stars: Stars sign Tyler Seguin to 8-year extension: 'At the end of the day, I knew where I wanted to be' | SportsDay
FULL NO-TRADE CLAUSE FOR THE LIFE OF THE CONTRACT!?!?! Must have been Tyler's sticking point.

McDonald sees China Games pivotal to growth of hockey
With as impressive of a mustache as Lanny McDonald has been able to grow, it amazes me that anyone couldn't fall in love with hockey after seeing it in person.