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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Flipped!

A D&C writer knows hockey is here when the work flips from finding enough articles to wading through too many articles. Hockey is here!

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Nashville Predators v Winnipeg Jets - Game Four

Smashville News:

I’m sure there will be some articles out before I get up tomorrow, but our Preds won both games of the doubleheader with the Florida Panthers. The scores were 5-0 and 5-3. In the second game all of the scoring came from the top line of Ryan Johansen, Filip Forsberg and Kevin Fiala. In fairness to the Panthers, many of their stars did not play in either game and we played just about everyone. Good times!

Scrimmage Serves as Perfect Preparation for Preds as Preseason Arrives |
"It's about as close as it gets without the pressure of two points on the line." Would have been nice if more folks could have seen it. Good to see the team ramping up to puck drop for the regular season.

Weekly Edge: Nashville Predators open training camp with familiar roster. | atozsports
Hey look - it's Alex! This is the first of his weekly columns for A to Z Sports. Note: I had trouble on an iPad with ads overlapping text. PC and iPhone worked fine.

Down to 52 (Wonder if that is the player limit for the plane?).

I just love Doug. He is such a cutie.

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Always sleep with my bone

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Central Division News:

Winnipeg Jets New Alternate Jersey Misses the Mark | The Hockey Writers
"With an uninspiring, bland, and simply boring design, the new alternate jersey the Winnipeg Jets unveiled Friday was not worth the eight year wait." While I don't hate them, my first thought when seeing a photo was that it was a New York Jets jersey. My favorite SFW response - "less plain, more plane.".

After injury scare, defenseman Brent Seabrook back on ice with Blackhawks | Chicago Sun-Times
I somehow doubt that this will be the last "injury scare" of that loooong contract.

Morrissey feels weight lifted: Jets D-man discusses two-year deal | Winnipeg Sun
Rats. Jets getting their business done. With Josh Morrissey signing, Darnell Nurse was close behind with the Edmonton Oilers for an extra $50K per year.

Other Hockey News:

NHL unveils new online home for League history |
This sounds pretty cool. Thoughts stats folks?

NHL, NHLPA add new chest, arm pad rules for goalies |
I did not realize these changes were being implemented so soon. Interesting read - did everyone know that prior to these changes there were only two sizes of goalie gear?

#NHLTopPlayers: Nos. 30-21 |
For those following this series. After multiple entries last week, no Nashville Predators on this list. Probably a sign of things to come for the next two installments.

Lockout looming? NHL is 1 year away from key labor deadline | USA Today
I think the owners would be content to stand pat. The question is will the hatred of escrow and skipping the Olympics overwhelm the desire to not open up redefining hockey income and other concessions that would have to be made for the NHLPA.

Bergevin: Domi to play centre, Drouin at wing |
Hahahahahahahahahaha. *Deep Breath* Okay,

Getting back on the bus is next emotional hurdle for Broncos to clear | TheHockeyNews
Thoughts and prayers for the Humboldt Broncos as they take their first road trip since the accident.

The sad reality for Senators fans |
There were so many of these articles out there. I feel sorry for Ottawa Senators fans. Watching your owner and GM gut your team (and your arena) has to be awful. The Groundhog Day details prove there are in fact hockey gods and they laugh at our pain.