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Friday’s Dump & Chase: Our fearful trip is (almost) done

With multiple apologies to Walt Whitman.

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators News

Farewell, Gang! It’s Time To Move On. - On the Forecheck
O Captain! My Captain! [inner Mr. Keating intensifies]

Part III: Rocky Mountain High (the benefit of playing at home) | Statsbylopez
Have to give a HUGE shoutout to Kate R for finding this article about homefield advantage across the big 4 sports. While it seems that the advantages for the NHL don't make huge differences, it is interesting to see that the Colorado Avalanche doesn't quite reap the same benefits of playing at higher altitude as the Nuggets and the Rockies do. Of course, it looks great to see that in a league without huge variance, the Nashville Predators do have the second highest home-ice advantage in the league. I'd like to think the fans are responsible for that.

Rookie Camp: Alexandre Carrier |
Carrier is confident and young, but with so many D-men signed to long term contracts (and a passel of healthy scratches), I don't know if Carrier is going to see NHL ice any time soon.

Rookie Camp: Eeli Tolvanen |
Hard to hear the interview questions, but Eeli Tolvanen seems to have matured, become more confident in talking to media, and seems to be more comfortable in his own skin. His confidence reminds me of Filip Forsberg. I hope he exceeds all expectations this year and goes on to win the Calder.

Preds Rookie Camp: What to Watch For
Of course, I'm most excited about Eeli Tolvanen, my golden, Finnish angel child, but I'm also looking forward to see what Zach Magwood has to offer. Is this the year the Alexandre Carrier breaks through? What about Emil Pettersson?

Austin Watson news is imminent:

Around Hockey

Crosby says Penguins have something to prove
Major takeaway from this article is that Carl Hagelin, who has a face that looks great whilst getting punched, named his daughter after my second favorite Golden Girl. Other than that, I think they may have just wanted a valid reason to talk to Sidney Crosby, whose un-oft punched face would look even greater whilst getting punched.

Looks like a suspension is coming for Marc-Andre Fleury:

Winnipeg proving to be a preferred destination on heels of Wheeler’s extension – TheHockeyNews
Yeah...but you have be on a team with Connor Hellebuyck.

Canadiens caught in storm of Pacioretty's awkward situation -
Max Pacioretty : Marcia Brady

The rest of the Montreal Canadiens : Jan Brady

Daly: NHL not changing marijuana policy as Canada legalizes - maybe everything isn't headed to pot, then?

Tyler Seguin on extension talks, new Stars head coach – ProHockeyTalk
How do you think everything will work out for Tyler Seguin?