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2019-2020 Previews

2019-20 Milwaukee Admirals Preview: The Forwards

Assignments from Nashville make this a deep group of forwards.

2019-20 Milwaukee Admirals Preview: The Defense

The blue line has been re-tooled with prized talent and more depth.

2019-20 Milwaukee Admirals Preview: The Goalies

The netminders will once again be the strength of this squad.

2019-2020 Position Previews: Goaltenders

The longtime position of strength remains locked down this season.

2019-2020 Position Previews: Defense

DE-FENSE *clap clap* DE-FENSE *clap clap*

2019-2020 Position Previews: Wingers

A few years ago, all the Predators’ best players were at wing. Now, they still have some very talented wingers, as well as enough centers that they can move some to the wing.

2019-2020 Position Previews: Centers

The Preds went all in on Matt Duchene to strengthen their center depth. Will it help?

2019-2020 Division Preview: The Central

Hey! It’s the one the Preds are in!

2019-2020 Division Preview: The Pacific

There’s a lot of certainty in the Pacific Division, but there’s also a few questions.

2019-2020 Division Preview: The Atlantic

Home to the most traditional hockey markets—and some of the least traditional. What does the Atlantic (probably) have in store for us this year?

2019-2020 Division Preview: The Metropolitan

Or, as the cool kids call it, the "metro."