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Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Finally the Weekend

But now there’s no hockey.

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NHL: Nashville Predators at Columbus Blue Jackets Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators News & Notes:

Predators’ Austin Watson on Instagram talks about arrest, alcoholism
For the three people who follow the Preds and missed this yesterday, we have you covered.

Nashville Predators Announce Chairman Transition
Herb Fritch has replaced Tom Cigarran as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Preds’ ownership group.

Other News & Notes:

Skinner, Landeskog, Letang, Draisaitl named Last Men In winners
These are not quite the results I had hoped for. Also: wow, I guess the Canadiens really aren't going to be sending anybody. This is not going to end well for Carey Price. Good luck, dude.

Bruins partnership with NWHL’s Boston Pride a big stride forward – Boston Herald
This is extremely cool. What would be even cooler: salaries going up in the NWHL as all these partnership announcements have been clarifying isn’t happening, though that’s probably going to have to wait until the Connecticut Whale find a wealthy partner as well.

What new tracking data and gambling might mean for NHL, fans -
Virtual reality before tracking passes is so NHL it hurts. Still, if they're doing all this they have to be getting useful information too. We probably won't get a lot of it as fans, but smart team managements will be able to leverage it. That's better than nothing, even though it will also allow stupid team managements to claim they're "using" the "proprietary data".

(I have to say, I'm surprised at player speed being something they're focused so hard on. Early discussion of player tracking included a lot of speculation that the NHLPA wouldn't want that getting out there for their older clients.)

Is NHL goal scoring on the rise? - Raw Charge
Fun for everyone except the goalies!

Sergei Bobrovsky on Blue Jackets incident: 'I let my emotions get to me' -
So that...happened. There's another take on the same incident here, if you're not yet satisfied with the amount of CBJ goalie drama you've had for breakfast.

Trades: Flyers send Weal to Coyotes; Blackhawks get Koekkoek from Tampa – ProHockeyTalk
For a second I misread this headline as saying that the Blackhawks and Flyers had made a trade, and the phrase "deck chairs on the Titanic" came vividly to mind. Don't get me wrong, it still feels like a lot of shuffling, but it could be worse.

Amanda Kessel is the NWHL’s premier playmaking forward - The Ice Garden
The samples are a lot smaller in the NHWL and I’m not drawing a direct comparison between the players, but this article reminded me of some of the ones I’ve seen about how Connor McDavid basically is the Edmonton Oilers. Whatever the Riveters are without Kessel, it ain’t pretty.

NHL and NHLPA meet to discuss CBA, World Cup of Hockey – ProHockeyTalk
Gary Bettman, Hall of Famer, has yet to successfully avoid a lockout at any point where a lockout could conceivably happen, but there's always a first time.

Also, the concussions thing. That’s more Hall of Infamy than Hall of Fame.

Concussion issues force Rick Nash to retire from NHL – ProHockeyTalk
Speaking of concussions, Rick Nash is retiring. It's sad that it happened this way, but I'm glad for his sake that he followed his doctors' advice not to return.