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Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Re-charged

In which our heroes return to action after two days off, the Ducks are drowning, and Carolina goes bowling.

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NHL: Nashville Predators at Columbus Blue Jackets Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Preds Official Podcast: Road Trip Success and Pekka for Vezina? | Nashville Predators
The podcast features two guests: NHL Network’s Kevin Weekes (who is simply the best) and Preds President Sean Henry.

How a 43-second video from P.K. Subban inspired a teenage hockey player dealing with racism | The Athletic
This article has been making the rounds this week, but now it’s officially unlocked. So now any of you without Athletic subscriptions can also check it out. It’s a fantastic read. Some of Adam Vingan’s best work.

Other Hockey News & Notes

In CBA talks, NHL players shouldn’t budge on long-term contracts | ESPN
Greg Wyshynski breaks down what the players will be looking for in the CBA negotiations (primarily getting rid of escrow), but also notes that they shouldn’t sacrifice long-term deals and the job security that comes with them.

God, I love CBA season.

Quick Shifts: What if the Maple Leafs don’t trade for defense? | Sportsnet
Well... I’m thinking a 1st or 2nd round exit is in their future if they don’t.

Ducks vs Penguins MORNING RECAP: Gibson is Still Great, Carlyle Still Needs to be Fired | Anaheim Calling
So the Ducks just lost their 10th game in a row. That’s right. You read that correctly. 10.

Let’s check in on Randy Carlyle.

You just hate to see that. Simply the worst.

Aho spoils Skinner’s return in Hurricanes’ 4-3 win | The North State Journal
Hopefully we aren’t subjected to this today, but these celebrations are really starting to get ridiculous, and I LOVE it.

Nash exits as one of NHL’s great goal-scorers in 21st century, retiring due to concussion symptoms | The Hockey News
We never did get to see Nash in Nashville. Such a shame. Right up there with Miroslav Satan never getting to play for the Devils. Either way, cheers to Rick Nash on a great career, and I’m happy he’s putting his personal health above his desire to keep playing.

Watch: Slater Koekkoek lip synching “Love Shack” and “I Want It That Way” | Second City Hockey
Have you guys met the Blackhawk’s newest defenseman, Slater Koekkoek (God, I love that name)?

That’s him in the white-visor facing forwards.

Blues can’t have anything nice, lose Robert Thomas to IR | St. Louis Game Time
Things just continue to get worse in St. Louis as rookie Robert Thomas and Tyler Bozak have both been placed on the IR.

NHL goalie tandem tiers - the good, the bad and the TBD | ESPN
Some NHL teams have two great goalies. For some, the backup is outplaying the starter. And then there are the Flyers. Here’s ESPN’s Dimitri Filipovic with a rundown of all 31 teams.