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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: As You Were

The break is coming to an end and hockey is getting back in session.

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NHL: Nashville Predators at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey News & Rants

Predators: Austin Watson suspension over alcohol relapse life and death | The Tennessean
In case you missed this news yesterday.

Biggest Draft Busts in Nashville Predators History | On the Forecheck
Some of these are gold, just pure gold.

...see what I did there.

Yeah, I’ll see myself out.

Five things to watch for in the Nashville Predators’ stretch run | AtoZSports
As noted here, David Poile is known for making moves in February...

...and it is *adjusts glasses* almost February.


It’s amazing what guys in the NHL can do when they’re allowed to have a little personality. You can catch the full episode in the link below.

Inside the arrival of NHL player tracking, from microchips to megabets | ESPN
At first glance I thought this said Megabots and now all I see is Transformers playing ice hockey and have no idea what this is actually about.

Malkin wants his ‘game back’ for Penguins | NHL
“Wants his game back”—did he lose it? Is it being held hostage on Space Mountain by a bunch of tiny aliens in a glowing hockey puck? Does Malkin have to form a super team of hockey players who also need to “get their game back” to play the tiny aliens?

‘Cause that would be awesome.

One Seattle product starred in the NHL All-Star Game. Two more are on the horizon | Seattle Times
Yeah...this is a bit of a stretch but okay Seattle, we get it, it’s a slow news week.

NHL Trade Buzz: Flyers consider ‘buying and selling,’ GM says | NHL
There might still be some life left to a Philly/Nashville trade.

Panarin won’t negotiate with Blue Jackets during season | NHL
I’m not saying there’s not a single chance in the world Artemi Panarin ends up in Nashville, but there’s probably little possibility without Nashville giving up way more than they want to.

But if Panarin came in Nashville...could you imagine? Just...glorious.

At N.H.L.’s All-Star Weekend, Female Players Excel, but NBC Can’t Keep Up | The New Yorker
We’ve been saying it (complaining) for years; NBC is out of touch. Sure, Pierre McGuire usually means well, but it’s time to get with the times. The NHL is never going to move forward if their broadcasting keeps them in the dark ages.

The NHL wouldn’t pay Brianna Decker for posting the fastest time in an All-Star event. So an equipment company did | Chicago Tribune
Although speaking of the dark ages, how can we expect NBC to be better when the NHL doesn’t seem to be too concerned with moving forward either.

In case you’re wondering if it makes a difference... does.

These folks playing hockey on a frozen highway during a pileup is so Canada it hurts | SBNation
Oh Canada, you beautiful frozen majestic tundra.