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Nashville Predators vs. St. Louis Blues Preview: Same Song, Different Tune

The Predators will get a chance at redemption in the first half of today’s double-header.

NHL: Nashville Predators at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Less than twenty-four hours after the last matchup between the Predators and the Blues, the two teams face off again, this time on the Preds’ ice. If you missed yesterday afternoon’s game, you can read my recap but you didn’t miss much.

The Cause:

Today’s game is the Predators’ annual AMEND Together game, raising awareness about domestic violence. For the last several years, the Preds have partnered with AMEND Together Nashville, a program of the Nashville YWCA. From their website:

AMEND Together (formerly called MEND) is a primary prevention initiative dedicated to ending the epidemic of violence against women and girls by empowering young men and boys to become catalysts for cultural change. Together, we seek to challenge the culture that supports violence, cultivate healthy masculinity in men and boys, and change the future for women and girls.

If you’re interested in supporting AMEND Together yourself, you can donate time, money, or items. If you’re not in the Nashville area, you can also check to see if your local YWCA runs the same kind of program, or if another charitable organization in your area does something similar.

The Game:

One thing that should work in the Predators’ favor today is the Blues’ goaltending. Jordan Binnington seems to be for real right now, but Blues coach Craig Berube will either have to start Binnington twice in a row—exhausting and potentially dangerous for any goalie—or start Jake Allen, whom the Predators have at least been able to beat in the past. Allen goes through great stretches sometimes, but Binnington’s entire career so far has been a great stretch.

Other than that, the Predators will need to play better at both ends of the ice than they did yesterday.

Scoring chances during Saturday’s game. Larger circles are shots with a greater chance of turning into a goal by this expected goals model; shaded circles are shots that did turn into a goal.
Peter Tanner,

Not great!

To a certain extent you expect the home team to have an advantage in shot quality, because their coach gets to set the matchups, but a team that wants to content for the Stanley Cup needs to not get outworked that easily on the road.

Reasons to Watch:

  • We can hope the Preds want to put yesterday’s game behind them.

How to Watch:

The game starts at 11:30 AM CT and will be aired on NBC—not NBCSN—for those of you not able to watch it in person. If the thought of listening to Mike Milbury and Pierre McGuire make noises perturbs you as much as it does me, you can listen to the radio call on 102.5 The Game instead.

The Sequel:

If you’re already in Bridgestone Arena for the Preds-Blues game, you can stick around after for the NWHL All-Star Game for free! The skills competition yesterday was fantastic, with some really fun performances in the Trick Shot event and a great atmosphere overall in front of a sold-out crowd. It’s going to be phenomenal hockey.

We’ll have a game thread going up at 2:30 Central for those of you who’d like to join us for it!