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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Winging It

A strategy for those missing motivation and direction.

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NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey News & Rants

Detroit Red Wings 3, Nashville Predators 2: Seeing Red | On The Forecheck
If the Preds plan on keeping this group together and standing pat come the trade deadline, we’re in for a very short post-season.

Robby’s not wrong.

Predators: Rocco Grimaldi's approach remains same despite scratches | The Tennessean
Obviously scratching someone three straight games after they were told to get comfortable and put roots down is unsettling. Not that it really means anything when you look at guys like Anthony Bitetto and Miikka Salomaki. Tony may have moved on but it took a while before they decided to cut ties. And Rocco is no Tony B.

He’ll be fine.

NHL - Evaluating every new head coach in the 2018-19 NHL season, including the New York Islanders' Barry Trotz | ESPN
I don't think Berry Trotz could have asked for a better job after winning the Stanley Cup than the one he ended up with.

As for this new development in Anaheim...

"He waited far too long to fire a coach whose team was being propped up "Weekend At Bernie's" style by a goalie pushing for a Hart/Vezina sweep while the rest of the team withered."

I already have dibs on the movie rights!

Weekend at Murray’s: One Man’s Hockey Odyssey

Penguins’ Evgeni Malkin suspended one game for swinging stick at opponent’s head | CBS Sports
One game? What does anyone learn from one game?

What a joke.

Five Questions with Wayne Simmonds | NHL
While I don’t think Nashville will be a good fit for Simmonds, he seems like a good guy.

Maybe just don’t trade him to anyone else in the Central. Thanks Philly!

Crosby, McDavid the leading beneficiaries of high-scoring NHL | SportsNet
That’s great and all but let’s take a look at the standings.

One guy plays for a middle of the pack team while the other plays for a team that’s bouncing around the bottom of the league with the LA and Anaheim dumpster fires.

It’s great that they’re scoring, but this is a team sport. It means nothing if the team isn’t where they’re supposed to be.

NHL on NBCSN: Blackhawks’ Corey Crawford feeling ‘back to normal’ | Yahoo Sports
The Blackhawks have been looking much better since their coaching change-up and the fact that they could make the playoffs is mind-blowing.

If they do manage to clinch a wild card spot and Corey Crawford returns they might be a sleeper team in the playoffs. Never underestimate Chicago in the post-season.

4 things we learned in the NHL: Crosby has memorable night on Broad St. | SportsNet
Things I learned from this:

I actually don’t mind Joe Thornton as long as he’s not playing against my team.

Hockey-playing doctor saves fellow player's life at pickup hockey game | USA Today
I know this is supposed to be a feel good story, but it's actually horrifying at the same time.

Thank your local hockey-playing ER surgeon.

NHL - Ariana Grande’s bizarre high-flying puck connection to Florida Panthers | ESPN
There is something about this story that's amazing and subtly hilarious.