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Five-Hole Friday: Puppies and Goats

This week’s lineup features P.K., Arvi, goats, slashes and Smash.

NHL: Arizona Coyotes at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Viktor Arvidsson

These days, it seems like the only player consistently showing up for the Predators is Viktor Arvidsson. He’s a 26-goal scorer this season In an injury-shortened season; we can only wonder how Arvidsson might be performing had he not missed games. He missed 24 games...close to 30% of the season.

Arvidsson has 18 goals in his past 23 games. Holy Arvi.

Check out this goal against the Red Wings. It’s not that Arvidsson isn’t effective in front of the net...he is. His slap shot from the circle not only surprises Howard, but it makes an excellent “ping” on the back pipe.

Most nights, Viktor Arvidsson is the heart and soul of the team. He’s skating hard into corners, taking big hits from big guys, and forechecking consistently. He gives 500% every single game.

How about this goal from last night? Arvidsson doesn’t even get his entire blade on the puck, but he manages to put the puck under Carey Price’s pad for Nashville’s third goal.

There’s never a bad time for the #ArviHustle. Plus, his celebrations are a thing of beauty.


Evgeni Malkin was suspended one game for this slash on Philadelphia’s Michael Raffle. What do you think? Did this retaliatory slash deserve more than Ryan Johansen’s slash on Mark Scheifele in January?

While Johansen didn’t give the appearance of trying to retaliate against Scheifele, Malkin’s swing and slash does appear intentional. Johansen was suspended two games, even with no disciplinary history. It’s not like Malkin is very loved in Nashville, so I’m sure plenty of Preds fans have opinions here.

If the League is attempting to eliminate this kind of play, shouldn’t they make more of a statement against one of the League’s most popular players?


P.K. Subban made the news when he threw a “happy retirement” party for girlfriend Lindsey Vonn. Vonn was surprised by balloons, gifts, and a cake in the shape of a goat. Subban showered her with gifts and then noted in an interview that he would have to up his game for Valentines Day.

Lindsey returned the favor by taking a video of a snoring Subban on Wednesday morning...and posting it to social media. Theirs is the perfect relationship.


After months of me hoping and hoping that the Predators would get a puppy, they came through on Valentine’s Day. I’m in love.

Nothing else this week matters because the Preds have a puppy.