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Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Good to Be Back

We’ve got wins! We’ve got trades! We’ve got analytics news!

NHL: Nashville Predators at Florida Panthers Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Nashville Predators 4, Florida Panthers 1: Revenge in Sunrise - On the Forecheck
In case you missed it, there was hockey last night! There’s hockey again tonight, too.

Tootoo Talks Preds, Remembers Franchise That Helped Save His Life -
Jordin Tootoo is being honored at tonight's game. I’m glad we’re able to celebrate everything he’s done with him.

Other News & Notes

Breaking down the four-player trade between Penguins and Panthers -
Nick Bjugstad is probably the most effective player involved in the trade but the Panthers are definitely up to something.

Erik and Melinda Karlsson stand up to bullying - Fear The Fin
I'd had a vague knowledge that Melinda Karlsson had an anti-bullying initiative, but not the details nor the extent to which she'd gotten Erik Karlsson involved. The Karlssons are hoping to spread the initiative to other NHL cities.

Oilers looking for star centres to elevate wingers -
This is a misleading headline (they are not trying to get additional centers, they just want the ones they already have to do even more stuff), but also...the Oilers are a mess.

An Australian hockey analytics odyssey - The Ice Garden
This is an incredibly cool read about what one person (Alyssa Longmuir, in this case) can single-handedly do to start getting #fancystats for a league, and also about how shot tracking actually works. Well worth a few moments of your time.

Jake Muzzin steady as advertised in Maple Leafs debut -
After all they gave up for him, the Leafs didn't even use Muzzin on the first pairing. One hopes for their sake that that's going to change eventually. Or not. It depends on how you feel about the Leafs.

‘Stale’ Avalanche split up MacKinnon, Rantanen – ProHockeyTalk
Oh hey, it's Top Line Colin Wilson, unless Nathan MacKinnon is technically centering the second line.

Kendall Coyne Schofield had hockey mansplained to her - The Ice Garden
How is Pierre McGuire still employed, exactly?