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Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Two Birds, One Stone

This joke would work better if the Blue Jackets were one of the teams with some bird imagery going on, but since the thought of any additional good player going to most of those does not please me I’ll happily take a non-optimized joke.

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators News, Notes, & Trade Rumors

Five-Hole Friday: Trade Countdown | On the Forecheck
The countdown hit zero before Rachel was done, but she still has a lot of other good stuff in here. Check it out in case you missed it.

Hockey Fans Reach For The Pitchforks...Again | One Puck Short
There was a lot of outrage on Twitter a couple of days ago over a student presentation suggesting the Preds rebrand. This gives a little more context on what was going on there, starting with the fact that it was a marketing analytics assignment.

McKenzie on potential Stone suitors | Nichols on Hockey
Mark Stone is still out there, he’s a much better player than Matt Duchene and a better all-around player than Artemi Panarin, and Uncle Bob says the Preds are interested, as—naturally—are the Winnipeg Jets and a few other scary teams in the West.

Of course, there’s always a price, and Pierre Dorion’s rumored ask is a lot for a rental:

Country Music Star Bentley, Preds Players Share Unique Nashville Bond |
You may assign whatever interpretation you like to the fact that the Preds got this article about how playing hockey in Nashville means you get to hang out with country music artists right after Matt Duchene said he was planning on checking out free agency, since I know if I don’t point it out someone else will.

Trade Recaps

Blue Jackets’ Panarin, trade deadline options after adding Duchene | ProHockeyTalk
I have to ask: does Jarmo Kekäläinen really think that Duchene is going to have fun playing for John Tortorella? Because they might have either loaded up for this year or created an even better market for dealing Panarin, but a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Maybe. Bird exchange rates get weird around the playoffs.

(I’m not sorry and I won’t apologize.)

Duchene trade raises inevitability of Senators moving Stone, Dzingel |
Ryan Dzingel isn’t anywhere in the same sphere as Stone, either in terms of what he’d mean to the team getting him or in terms of what his loss would mean to the Sens, but he’s not a bad player (Bobby previewed him for us last month). But, also, the Sens are losing fans, losing support, and losing...

...roster players, apparently. Yikes.

We Deserve Better.... | Silver Seven Sens
Are...are y’all okay over there? Can we get you anything? Cocoa? Fuzzy blanket? A little something extra in the cocoa? Maybe a kitten or a puppy or something? (The Sens actually have a service-dog-in-training already, so that’s something.)

Capitals Acquire Defenseman Nick Jensen from Detroit (UPDATED) | Japers’ Rink
Fantastic pickup for the Caps. Their blueline has been shallower than I’d want in their place since they lost Nate Schmidt in the expansion draft, and this year they’ve been having some additional problems—not all to blame on their defenders, to be fair—so somehow snagging the Red Wings’ best defender for cheap and then signing him for term is a very solid move.

All right, it’s after midnight on the East Coast so hopefully all the GMs have put their phones on Do Not Disturb for the evening.

Other News & Notes

If you’re tired of trying to predict what’s about to happen, or completely sick of analyzing what’s already happened, you can check these articles out instead.

Tough night for Blackhawks in playoff race | ProHockeyTalk
[the world’s smallest violin plays sadly in the background]

The NHL says hockey is for everyone. It’s Kim Davis’s job to help make that a reality. | For The Win
A great look at why Hockey Is For Everyone matters—spoiler: it’s about growing and maintaining the fanbase, the player base, and the staffing base, in order to offer the best product to the greatest number of people—and what the NHL is doing toward that.

New wave of black players ready to make impact on hockey |
A little prospect coverage for your morning.

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ and Philadelphia Flyers’ helmets for the Stadium Series game are wild | Russian Machine Never Breaks
I can’t decide if I like these or hate them, but they’re definitely new and interesting.

Why Scott Gordon chose Elliott over Hart for Stadium Series start | ProHockeyTalk
Spoiler: it’s because the Flyers’ goalies are all cursed. Also, is it just me or is Brian Elliott better than he’s usually gotten credit for?

The NWHL playoff picture | The Ice Garden
If you like fun with tiebreakers, the NWHL might have something special coming up. That, plus the schedule of the rest of the season, in here. I keep trying to figure out if I’m committed to the Beauts unless/until a southern expansion, and I keep not being sure.

Quick Strikes: Kucherov hits 100 points, Brayden Point is gifted an alarm clock | Raw Charge
Nikita Kucherov is otherworldly.

(There’s some other stuff in this link—Quick Strikes are Raw Charge’s equivalent of the D&C—but a lot of it is contextualizing just how stupidly, unbelievably good a season Kucherov is having, and I like me some context. Speaking of context, if you like suffering, they’ve also broken down every player who was drafted ahead of Kucherov in 2011.)