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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Power Played

Power play goals and Frosties, what more could you ask for on a Tuesday night?

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NHL: Arizona Coyotes at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey News & Rants

Nashville Predators 5, Arizona Coyotes 2: Preds Top Coyotes for Big Home Win | On The Forecheck
This game had a very questionable start, but the Preds pulled it together and got their offense going. Five goals from five different players.

Depth, y’all.


The Week That Was: Chapter 17 | On the Forecheck
Chris breaks down the week that was, including the Preds’ longstanding power play problem.

Predators: Power play frustrates Nashville | The Tennessean
Nashville Predators Media & Fans: "The power play is a flaming garbage can of horrors that can never be fixed."

The Nashville Predators: [Score power play goal to spite media and fans.]

Highest-scoring NHL players by nationality | USA Today
Alex Ovechkin makes history, so why not take a walk down memory lane (and kill your morning work productivity) to see all the other guys who are up there with him.

Winners and losers of the Auston Matthews contract extension | ESPN
Everything came up aces for Auston Matthews, and he got PAID with a capital everything!

We'll see how this plays out for Toronto in the long, the short, and the all-around. They seem to be putting everything they have into their current roster. Only time will tell what it does for their Cup window.

NHL Trade Buzz: Anderson wants to stay with Senators | NHL
Everyone always wants to stay where they are...well, maybe not always. Most aren’t going to come out and say it.

Is there a running list of players who have more or less been like—trade me today, trade me tomorrow, just trade me?

Seattle’s team must prepare for incoming tidal wave of advanced NHL stats | Seattle Times
This is not a bad thing. Don’t make it a bad thing, Seattle. You’re already going to break our hearts when you ultimately take one of our favorite players away from us, don’t hate on our stats while you’re at it.

NHL Trade Deadline 2019: Four playoff bubble teams that need to sell | Yahoo Sports
If Anaheim is selling...

Jakob Silfverberg is their big upcoming free agent and they should absolutely be looking to move him.”

’Sup Silfverberg...want to find out what it’s like to actually win in Nashville?

Thrust into adulthood, NHL’s youngest players learn as they go | Buffalo News Hockey
I mean isn’t that the point of adulthood...learning as you go?

You’re never going to convince me it’s the same as being a normal person who doesn’t get paid millions of dollars to play a game. But I respect the attempt at relate-ability.

From cactus prick to coma: The strange medical journey of former Penguin Lyle Odelein | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
“Impossible to pull out by hand because the spines are so sharp, Mr. Odelein and his friends used his golf club to pry it off of his leg.”

What on earth?!? Nature is wild. This is one of the strangest things I’ve ever read. I also stand by my decision to only buy fake cacti.