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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Ice Melt

The last two weeks’ worth of ice is finally melting here—but the ice in Bridgestone is ready to go!

Carolina Hurricanes v Nashville Predators Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images

Smashville News:

If the Preds trade Mattias Ekholm, what might the return be? | On the Forecheck
I knew in the back of my mind that the Preds probably couldn't wrangle Mattias Ekholm's next contract when they brought in Matt Duchene. But this is becoming too real. Where do you think he will end up—and what will we get in return?

Smashville Scope: February 18-22 |
Lots of good information and updates in here—but I really clipped it mostly to share all the pictures and videos of outdoor hockey games during the Nashville snow event.

Sunday Best: Vultures setting their sights on Nashville | The Fourth Period
I had to clip this for the title alone. Not too much new in here, but an interesting style.

Mark Borowiecki vs. Nick Foligno | Hockey Fights
Hey! We won something!

I don’t know. Doug just cracks me up.

Central Division News:

NHL Central Division Misery Index: Red Wings, Predators a perfect pair | Detroit Free Press
"It’s the stoppable force vs. the movable object." Ha. Ha.

How temporary realignment has impacted the National Hockey League standings so far |
The impact to the Nashville Predators is interesting. Also, I agree that the Central still seems the toughest division, even after the changes.

Columbus Blue Jackets get permission to have fans in arena | ESPN
Hopefully this means the end of that canned crowd noise.

Other Hockey News:

With their decisive win, Bruins helped the NHL weather a shaky outdoor weekend and finish on a strong note | The Boston Globe
Okay now, everyone forget you ever saw Lake Tahoe. It's crowded enough already. I will say though, I ride the steamboat across the lake every time I go and have never seen that many boats at one time on the water.

NHL Power Rankings: Every team's biggest surprise |
28. It's unbelievable to me that the Preds are this bad. With 17 of 56 games played, there is very little time left to climb out of this hole. It would really help if they stopped digging.

NHL Power Rankings: Oh, Carolina | The Hockey News on Sports Illustrated
31? 31? No way, José!

New York Rangers' Artemi Panarin taking leave after assault allegations surface | ESPN
Here’s hoping both that the allegations are false and that Artemi Panarin and his family are safe.

Ayres' win with Hurricanes still surreal on one-year anniversary |
Surprisingly, this doesn't get old.

Merzlikins week to week for Blue Jackets with upper-body injury |
Oh no! We broke Elvis Merzlikins.

Bruins show up to NHL Outdoors in Lake Tahoe giving off 90s vibes |
This was silly. I like it when hockey players are allowed to be a little silly.