3 Questions with Nucks Misconduct

Sean Zandberg over at Nucks Misconduct took some time to answer some questions we had ahead of tonight&#39;s matchup. Check them out at <a href="http://www.nucksmisconduct.com"><strong>nucksmisconduct.com!</strong></a>

1. The Canucks and the Predators are two early surprise teams in the Western conference. To what do Canucks fans attribute their nice start? And can they sustain it over the next 70+ games?

A few things the Preds are experiencing. New coach, new style. It's definitely more attacking mode and the players love it. Ryan Miller has been solid. The new additions up front like Bonino and Vey and Vrbata have been great. The Sedins look to get their point totals back up to 80-90 points. They are having fun right now! Can they sustain it? No. But it will be interesting to see how they do against stiffer competition over the next 5 games.

2. How do you see the Pacific division shaking out? Does any one team run away with it?

No, not one team. I expect the Californian teams to hole the top 3 spots though with the Canucks hopefully surprising us and hanging in there. The Flames, Oilers and Coyotes will likely rot.

3. If you could trade away any current Canucks players, regardless of what you got in return, who would it be?

Luca Sbisa, because I don't trust him. He's gold one game and a disaster the next. Also: Tom Sestito because I'd rather see other guys like Bo Horvat get a roster spot and well....the age of the goon is over.

BONUS QUESTION: What is the best insult you've heard hurled at Dan Hamhuis? (We've heard some good ones)

You gotta tell me these insults you guys have heard! Nobody speaks ill of the Hammer here. Not very often! Plus, he's from Smithers, and so am I, so choose your words wisely :)

I'm looking forward to see how the Preds play! I haven't watched them yet. Good luck, I think!