3 Questions with Stanley Cup of Chowder

Cornelius Hardenbergh of our esteemed sister site, Stanley Cup of Chowder, answer some questions about the Big Bad Bruins.

The Boston Bruins and the Nashville Predators don't match up very often. So, in order to get a better grasp on tonight's matchup, Cornelius Hardenbergh of Stanley Cup of Chowder was awesome enough to answer some of our questions. Their town may have had more success in the last five years than Nashville has had... ever, but try not to hold that against them.

Boston has not had the greatest of years, so far. They seem the epitome or hot and cold. Is that just because of all the injuries, or is there something else at work here?

It's a little of column A, a little of column B. David Krejci has been hurt all year, and Chara being out for a while didn't help anything. On the other hand, the cap is finally tearing apart the Bruins just like all those Leafs fans said it would in 2009. Peter Chiarelli seems to be a little too loyal to "his guys" and not loyal enough to "talent." So, Seidenberg gets an extension to steamboat around for 4 more years and Johnny Boychuk gets shipped off to the Island. Most hockey fans would prefer Boychuk, and the Bruins decided the other way.

That said, they're still the Bruins, and just about everyone's pick to win the Atlantic. Do they right the ship and make the playoffs?

Yeah, they still make the playoffs. Rask is still good, the rest of the team is still pretty good, I expect them to squeak in and flame out early. Sigh.

David Krejci is traveling with the team on this three-game road trip, and may play tonight. He's only played 11 games so far this year, but what does he bring to the team when he's in the lineup?

Don't plan on seeing Krejci. When he is around, he is an offensive force. Not just anyone can lay claim to leading the playoffs in points twice. He really solidifies the top 3 lines, and gets Milan Lucic to look really good. Chris Kelly gets to slide further down the lineup, which is good for everyone. Defenses have to key on Krejci a lot more than they do Kelly, so Bergeron gets a breather. It's amazing how much of an effect he has, but I guess that's one reason they call him "The Matrix."

BONUS QUESTION - What's the best thing about having a Vezina winner on the roster? Asking for, um, reasons...

It totally rules. Even when one of them goes a little crazy and peaces out, your other Vezina Winner steps up.