A quick update on the status of the OTF migration

Hello, all!

Two big things for this morning, regarding comments and the URL.

We're working on replacing the current commenting system with a new one that will allow for the features you enjoyed at the former site--live updates, an easier way to see new comments, improved threading, and comments changing color once they reach a certain number of recs.

Unfortunately, the native commenting system for our current web host does not allow for those features, so we'll have to purchase access to a separate commenting platform. Because of that, we want to be sure we make the right choice, so there may be another day or two of delay while we finish comparison shopping and finalize the purchase. I'm so sorry; the OTF comments section as a space for community is important to me, and I want to get this right for you all as soon as possible.

Regarding the URL, I've applied for the domain name transfer, and it's listed as "Pending", to be resolved by this coming Friday (seven days from when I applied for it). I hope it goes through quicker than that, but I can't be sure just yet. Similarly, I'm not sure of the exact timing on the OTF archive transfer, but for right now the old posts are still up at the original URL.

Thank you again, so much, for your patience and support! I'll have another update for you on the state of things at the end of this coming week or the start of next week.