Allow Yourself to Introduce... Yourself

Some final words before the madness consumes us all.

Are you guys excited?

Hockey is so close we can taste it, and soon we're going to stop all the stupid speculating and commence gushing (or griping) over the night's action. Be the season exhilarating, exhausting, excruciating or any emotion in between, we're all in it together. Welcome aboard.

As we gear up for a new season, we wanted to give you an idea what to expect this year, what we hope to accomplish as a blog, and get reacquainted with the most important part of this site: you. Feel free to brush up on the community guidelines over there, (The Ancient of Days decrees it) and see our new writers, who've been doing an excellent job so far.

First and foremost, we aim to cover the team from a fan perspective and provide a community where fans who want a little something more than your run of the mill coverage can come to learn, discuss, argue, goof off and just have a good time. That isn't any different for those of us behind the scenes here. We're just as invested in this team as you are, and we make no attempt to hide it. None of us are beat writers, and we aren't attempting to be. We'll throw remotes across the room and spill beer all over our couches, and we'll go nuts with high-fives and boo the other team's crappy players.

But the great thing about being in Nashville is working with a top notch organization. The team has been nothing but supportive of OTF (and online media in general) and is giving us opportunities and access that not every franchise allows. While we can't attend every game, practice, or event, we'd be fools not to take advantage of being a part of the #OfficialOnlineMedia, which provides an entirely different layer for you, the reader.

There are several great online avenues to explore when it comes to hockey in Nashville. They all provide their own unique insights, but also help with the bigger picture: promoting and expanding the hockey conversation. That's really all that matters. With us, we'll strive to bring you the serious and the sarcastic, the perspective from the press box as well as from the stands, and give you a platform to connect with thousands and thousands of sports fans, like-minded or not.

Thanks for your continued support, and all of us here are going to make this year the best yet.

So now we turn the mic over to you. Whether you've been on the blog since the beginning, or just signed up a few days ago, introduce yourselves to us and your hockey-mad brethren. Plus, if you've been a lurker for too long, we highly encourage you to break the silence this year.

  • Name (or preferred Internet monicker, for the privacy conscious)
  • Favorite hockey moment
  • If you could have a super power, what would it be?/