Anaheim Ducks 3, Nashville Predators 0: Thud

Was it nerves? Was is strategy? Either way, this was awful.

This game was bad.

3-0 home playoff defeats are tough to swallow, but this game was frustrating and almost predictable after the first period. There was no sustained pressure, there was no effort to get to the slot, there was no effort to stay in front of the net, and there was way too much indecision in the neutral zone.

This game was very bad.

The Ducks did a great job standing up Nashville at the blue line, and their forechecking didn't allow Nashville to use their long stretch passes to gain ice position. Frederik Andersen had a relatively easy night. There wasn't a moment before garbage time set in where the Preds looked like a threat to score due to sustained pressure.

This game was very, very bad.

And thankfully, it only counts as one game.

Random Observations

  • The first five minutes felt like a Game 1, with a long "feeling out" process that was very jittery. Nashville looked a bit more nervous and didn't sustain pressure.
  • The first Ducks' goal was a product of good forechecking, and some indecision from Anthony Bitetto. If anything he makes another mistake by not really pressuring the shooter or taking away the pass.
  • And through the 10 minute mark, there was only one instance of sustained pressure from the Preds.
  • Filip Forsberg killed most a penalty by himself.
  • Where in the world is Craig Smith?
  • Anaheim is doing a much better job of holding their own blueline. Nashville is having trouble entering the Ducks' zone as the first period concludes.
  • Intermission thought: Does Lavy peel the paint off the wall? Maybe a little?
  • Cody Bass tees up Gaustad, and it's a near miss. Bass has been very impressive thusfar, given the fact he's Cody Bass and not expected to have this type of a game.
  • Forsberg draws a tripping call after doing some slick stick tricks.
  • Weber KO'd Andersen off the mask. Uh oh. Good thing he's okay.
  • The power play looked good, and Neal is definitely feeling it... but no goal to show for it.
  • Rickard Rakell missed an open net, and that would've been a killer.
  • And Rakell atones with a slick deflection between his legs. It's 2-0, and the Ducks scored on their second shot of the period. Not an indictment against Rinne on either of these goals. Rakell's goal may be the best goal the Ducks have scored this series.
  • Anaheim's forechecking has given Nashville problems all night. Fewer clean zone exits, and even less offensive zone entries with solid possession.
  • Chris Stewart puts in a puck that he had about half an hour to shoot. It's 3-0.
  • Smith had a lower-body injury, done for the night.
  • Mike Ribeiro draws a penalty with a hustle play, but the Preds can't figure out how to enter the zone and the penalty is squandered as the period ends.
  • Now the paint in the locker room needs to be removed due to verbal force.
  • Bottom line: Nashville isn't getting to the front of the net. At. All. This is bad.
  • This is every Preds game from December or something.
  • Can't even get a garbage time goal.

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