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Anaheim Ducks 5, Nashville Predators 2: Mike Ribeiro Can’t Hockey

Well boys and girls…a series that was once firmly in the Predators‘ hands after taking the first two outings is now one away from being Anaheim’s three games later. It hasn’t been a pretty ride since game two and the loss of Craig Smith and but it’s not over yet.

Let’s talk about this game, though. The Predators out-shot and out-attempted the Anaheim Ducks but nothing went their way. After a great end of the season, the team really just feels like the one that started the year. There does seem to be a lot of heart in these games but there are several things holding them back including (but not limited to) the following:

Nashville took 7 penalties and that can’t happen against the Ducks. With the loss of Craig Smith the second line’s other two forwards needed to step up. Filip Forsberg has been so-so but Mike Ribeiro has been terrible. In this game alone he had several turnovers, was terrible in the defensive zone, and took a dumb penalty in the final minutes of the third right after Salomaki put the Predators one behind the Ducks. That penalty led to the goal that really sealed the deal for the Ducks.

Random Observations

  • Two penalties early against one of the best regular season power play teams in the league… That’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off.
  • Man! Nice pass to Josi from shoot from anywhere Viktor Arvidsson. Josi had a good shot at a goal but couldn’t bury it. That’s a huge missed opportunity. The third line and the Preds in general are looking great, though.
  • OH MY GOD! SHEA WEBER JUST DESTROYED COREY PERRY! Whoops. Looking at the replay that might have been more of a sucker punch to the dome.
  • Great first period for the Predators but they still can’t bury it. They’ve got to take advantage.
  • Ekholm with a backhander off the crossbar! To be able to shoot a backhander that hard is extremly impressive. The Predators are continuing to pressure the Ducks.
  • What a terrible sequence from Ribeiro. He moseys up to the blue line and allows Ryan Kesler to steal it from him and head down on a partial breakaway. Then, moments later he fails to pick up the trailer coming up the middle on a fast break which lead to an uncontested shot on Rinne. POOR.
  • JOEY!!! What a backhand snipe!
  • Of course the Ducks come back with the flukiest of fluke goals and garbage goal that Pekka should have had.
  • What a terrible turnover by Jarnkrok. 3-1 Anaheim…
  • MIIKKA SALOMAKI! The Predators have life! Way to get to the front of the net and in front of the hardest shot in the league Salty.
  • Mike Ribeiro just screwed the Predators over. What a stupid slashing penalty to take in the final minutes in the offensive zone. Sure enough, the Ducks capitalize.
  • Ryan Kesler. That’s game folks.

OTF’s Super Duper Stars of the Game

  1. Frederik Andersen. He’s stopped much of what the Predators have thrown on them and is a huge reason why Anaheim’s been able to come back after a 2-0 deficit.
  2. Sami Vatanen. He was an absolute force for the Ducks in this game.
  3. Miikka Salomaki. If you take a Shea Weber slapshot to the gut and then score despite it you deserve to be on this list.

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