Audio Clips: Ekholm, Forsberg, Johansen, Vingan, and more

It was a busy day on Nashville radio yesterday. In case you missed any of it, we got you covered.


We had over 120 listens within the first three hours, and that's even with me posting it near 10pm. Thank you all so much for all of your support.

Filip Forsberg joined A to Z Sports yesterday, and dropped from heartbreaking shade on Calle Jarnkrok and his driving ability (or lack there of). Cold blooded. "You tell me".

Right after that, Mattias Ekholm joined the Wake Up Zone on 104.5, and he's a solid interview. They let him slide on leaving the other Swedes and moving out.

Ryan Johansen was the guest on SportsNight, and of course he was asked about Forsberg. Why not. He's Forsberg. Joey is a different type of guy; he comes across as the confident, large-bodied player. And yes... they talk hugs.

Even beat writer, tight pants enthusiast, and all-around swell fellow Adam Vingan was on SportsNight himself.

Charlie made a special appearance on The Johnny Franks Show, and he does what Charlie does. He is, after all, the ambassador of violence.