Audio Clips: Grimson, Vingan, and Martel

Friday is better with hockey talk. #TrueFact

We begin today with Stu Grimson, who joined the guys from A to Z Sports on 102.5.

Local hero and resident hockey smart guy Kris Martel did his spot on 104.5's Wake Up Zone this morning. The Zone gets some flack from hockey folks for not talking hockey enough, but this show is the proud exception. I've long thought that Kevin Ingram is the ideal radio personality. So enjoy this one.

And look who it is! Adam Vingan spent some quality time with Jared Stillman this morning. Adam's tone and thoughts are about on par with most of ours. Glad to hear him doing more consistent radio spots, as he does have the personality and demeanor for it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnd finally, here's some audio goodness from the vault of one Pete Weber.