Audio Clips: Martel, Stanley, Mason

Plenty to talk about after last night's Game 6 win.

For starters, here's Kris joining the Wake Up Zone for the morning drive on 104.5:

Robby Stanley has successfully appeared on all three stations as a guest within one week. That's super rare. Applaud the man.

Chris Mason is a natural for media, and he's been superb all season. Here's his segment with Darren & Derrick today:

Uncle Pete joined A to Z sports early this morning.

And yes, we can't get enough Pete Weber around here.

Here's a bit of the Greg Pogue and Big Joe show. I like Pogue a lot, but his take on Rinne isn't truly valid this year. He hasn't been great this season, and needs a sharp rebound to justify his $7 million salary. But Rinne played good enough to keep all but one out of the net, and regardless of how rough that 1 looked, it's only 1.