Audio Clips: Robby Stanley is a Boss, Kris Martel knows stuff, Greg Moshopoulos is from the Future

It's the day after Game 2, so you're expecting a bushel of NHL interviews on Nashville airwaves, right? Heh.

Let's start with this one. Robby Stanley of joined 102.5 this morning, and he delivered. Robby does a great job of speaking to everyone in the room (seasoned and beginner fans alike). I've always had trouble with that. Well done, Rob.

Robby Stanley is so versatile and durable, he was able to do another interview shortly afterwards. Hey, the most important ability is availability.

Greg Pogue and Big Joe (and Crazy Charlie) rounded up their coverage of their two-hour show into a 15 minute clip. Greg Moshopoulos called in, and may have the most concise hockey analysis of the day inside this clip. And the picture? BAH GAWD THASTS SARGE!

Kris Martel was a featured guest on 104.5's Wake Up Zone. Once again, this show is the most consistent among the Nashville weekday shows. Ingram and Howard will talk whatever they want, and they actually know Pekka Rinne's number.

Willie Daunic knows what's up. Here's the triumphant Willie Daunic clip.

At the end of the day, I'm still left a little disappointed in the local coverage. The Preds played on Friday, and stations had over 2 days to book a national voice to come on Nashville radio. It's just past 5, and no one did so. But we do have ample coverage of SEC spring games, other cities' baseball teams, and the NFL draft could always use more coverage.

Everyone knew Nashville was taking home a split for days, so I'm a little disappointed. I want more casual Preds coverage, because it would help all parties.

Pierre McGuire joined the Jim Rome show, and I loved that he called Nashville a "nasty place to play". That's awesome.

There you have it. Enjoy!