Audio Clips: Robby Stanley, Pete Weber, David Boclair and more

I'm looking forward to when something happy happens and Preds coverage is in full force. But until that day...

Charlie and I spent some time on the organization and the Vesey situation before last night's game, and we checked around the league. You'll want to hear Greg's segment towards the end.

Robby Stanley joined Jared Stillman today, and Robby's reaction is about on par with some of your reactions. It's good to hear Robby do more radio, he's definitely got the voice for it.

Chris Nilan joined Montreal 690, and he claims to know a bit more about the Vesey situation from the other side. Nilan's cadence is rough, but it's an interesting listen. Essentially, he refutes a lot of what the Preds have put out there about the the Vesey situation. It's a good listen... until he brings up Seth Jones. If you make to the end of this, I'll be impressed.
Nilan: What really happened with the Predators and Jimmy Vesey

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Paul Fenton, the assistant GM, went on Sportsnet's Fan590. And his take was exactly the opposite of Nilan's as expected.
Paul Fenton on Fan590

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There's not a ton here on the Jimmy Vesey situation, but a few minutes with Uncle Pete is always worth a listen.

David Boclair jumped on the airwaves in Winnipeg, and delivered some strong takes regarding the whole situation.

Speaking of...