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Shots From The Point: The Good and Bad From Game 2

There’s truth to the claim Game 2 was better than Game 1, but it comes with a huge caveat

Shots From The Point: So, About Game One...

There’s a lot to be desired after the Preds’ opening loss, so what needs to change?

John Hynes faces tough lineup decisions heading into playoff opener

Will Eeli Tolvanen and Dante Fabbro see the ice tonight?

On The Forecheck Podcast Episode 19: PLAYOFFS?!?!?! - featuring Andrew Schnittker

A full preview of Round One with Canes Country’s editor paves way to an even greater french fry debate.

Renegade Ramblings: The Fourth Line and Line Identity

John Hynes has focused this season on establishing an identity for the team, but it goes farther than that.

Editorial: In Support of John Hynes

John Hynes played a huge role in the Nashville Predators’ resurgence this season.

Predators Money on the Board

Learn more about the charity program that helps raise money for the 365 Fund.

On The Forecheck Podcast Episode 18: Chemistry, Chicago, Charlie Conway

Chicago week and overrated Mighty Ducks players are just two of the topics Nick and Shaun break down in this week’s episode.

From Undrafted to Outstanding: How Tanner Jeannot’s time in the AHL prepared him to make an impact in Nashville

Karl Taylor deserves a ton of credit, but the Milwaukee head coach gives plenty of credit to Tanner Jeannot.

Nashville Predators 1, Dallas Stars 4: Not what anyone wanted

Well, maybe this is what the Stars fans wanted to see, but they also get really defensive about their goal song, so who knows?