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Milwaukee Musings: Ads Stay Atop Division Against Tough Odds

Milwaukee continues to string together wins despite a bare roster.

Friday’s Dump & Chase: Inching Closer

Team Tommy Novak.

Friday’s Dump & Chase: Road Trip Visions

Sunshine days.

Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: What Is This Team?

Cue ominous music.

Milwaukee Musings: Shorthanded Ads Hold Steady

At the very least, this club will be battle-tested come playoff time.

Friday’s Dump & Chase: A New Dawn

Cue John Williams.

Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Trotz-Ville

The new-look Nashville Predators.

It’s rebuild season—now what?

Some thoughts on rebuilding. Leave your own thoughts below.

Friday’s Dump & Chase: In the Zone

The trade zone, that is.

Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Risks

We’re still waiting.