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Nashville Predators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins: Game 3 Preview

Get up. Get loud. Get Excited. It’s game 3!!!

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Let's Go Already

Leading up to the Preds' first Stanley Cup final there are many emotions. I'm just chomping at the bit to see the Preds on the ice for game one!

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Let's Go Preds!

The Preds have given their fans and city more to cheer about than anything in quite a while. Despite the unlucky blow of losing Joey to injury, it's time to pay that back by continuing to LOUDLY and PROUDLY cheer them on through thick and thin.

Nashville Predators vs. Anaheim Ducks: Game 4 Preview

130.4 decibals Preds fans. That’s the record. Surpass it.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: The Legs Feed the Wolf

Thanks in part to some fresh legs, the Preds came out of game 1 with the W!!!! Let's not drag this one out, boys.

A Deeper Look At Reported Signee Victor Ejdsell


Nashville Predators vs. St. Louis Blues: Game 4

The Predators are entering the biggest game of the season. Time to put the pedal to the medal!

Nashville Predators Vs. St. Louis Blues: Game 3

We’re all tied up with the Predators coming back home to Nashville. Let ‘em hear it Preds fans!

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Eat Sand NHL on NBCSN

Having traditional views is fine but when you try to defame a player who has fun with what he does and not at other players' expenses you cross the line. NBCSN needs to decide how they really want their brand represented.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Layover

The Preds will get to rest some players, but you also have to expect they will take a bit to get back to game speed in game one of their second series.