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Nashville Prospect Report: The Future Looks Bright

Let’s take a look at how some of your favorite prospects are doing.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Let's Go Boys!

The Preds have a big weekend ahead of them with a back-to-back against Minnesota and St. Louis. A 4 point weekend could very well secure the third spot in the central.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Diving Is Dumb

Sports in general have been taken over by the cancerous practice of diving. It ruins them and normalizes a form of cheating. The NHL is doing a good job of trying to stop this before it becomes a massive problem.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Number Controversy

Josh Ho Sang got a lot of flack for choosing Mario Lemieux's number. Was it justified or unjustified? You be the judge.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Tre Kronor

The Preds and Filip Forsberg take on the Washington Capitals this Saturday. It's hard not to think about the potential of Forsberg pulling the ultimate Tre Kronor and putting up three hat tricks in a row, however extremely unlikely.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Back to the Grind

Hopefully the Preds come back from the break refreshed and ready to go. I'm not holding my breath, but you never know.

A Look Down into Mil-Town With Admirals Roundtable

Join us as we take a peek at what the Admirals are up to with Daniel Lavender of Admirals Roundtable.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Big Four Points This Weekend

The Predators are playing back-to-back this Saturday and Sunday for what are unquestionably four huge points. We'll see how they fair.

Sunday's Dump & Chase: Fiddling Around

The Predators out shot the Red Wings last night over 2 to 1 but they still couldn't pull out the W. Hey, at least Fiddler is back in the mix.

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Time to Rest

This All Star break should be fantastic for the Predators. Get well soon Roman!