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Born in Washington State. Grew up in Tennessee. Undergraduate in Illinois. Graduate in Massachusetts. Living in Connecticut. I am slowly being duped into liking the Bruins. Help, I think...

Frame-by-Frame: The Subtle Art of Not Giving Up a Puck

The super fun result of rushing the puck without turning it over (AKA The Roman Josi)!

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Gambling on the PK

How NOT to defend a 6-on-3 in the final minutes of the game

Frame-by-Frame: Crosby Picks Cherries

Breaking down one of the many breakaways from the last two games

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Series Stopping Puck Watching

I’m baaaack!

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Tic-Tac-Toe!

Move the puck, freeze the D, score the goal.

FxFA: 'Twas the Week Before Christmas

Breaking down a goal against with rhyming and holiday cheer.

Five Tough Questions: Lines, Streaks, and Votes

We passed around the bucket of knowledge and got some more opinions. Marya, Caroline, and Anish answered the bell.

Frame-by-Frame: How NOT to Change on the Fly

Want to make your teammates and coaches really mad? Why not make a really terrible line change that leads to an odd man rush and a goal against?

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Good Power Play :)

How to score on the power play!

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Bad Power Play :(

How not to score on the power play!