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OTF Contributor Emeritus. A longtime Preds fan and season ticket holder, I gave up my seats because graduate school and my career took me to Washington, D.C. for five years. I came back to Nashville in early 2014, only to leave again in mid-2015 to study law in Memphis. My permanent home is in Nashville, and after the deep playoff run of 2017 converted my wife into a hockey fan, she bought a season ticket with my little sister. Now that I'm finished in Memphis, we're full STH's once more.

"Grow the Gold" Campaign Hurts More than Helps

Ticket policies aren't Nashville's problem; never having won a Stanley Cup is.

"Beneath the Ice": Unscripted Preds Coverage

The first episode features new Nashville Predators alternate captain James Neal and longtime friend Rich Clune.

3 Quesions with Arctic Ice Hockey

Our SB Nation sister site Arctic Ice Hockey helps you get to know tonight's opponent.

Snub Shop? Changes underway for Preds in Nashville

Head coach Peter Laviolette isn't afraid to part with longstanding tradition, both on and off the ice.

#16 in Your Program, #1 in Your Hearts

How Nashville Predators bad boy Rich Clune plans to take his game to a new level this season under new head coach and one-time Stanley Cup winner Peter Laviolette.

Barry Trotz 2013-14 Season Review

Former head coach Barry Trotz, now with the Washington Capitals, took one on the chin in his dismissal from Nashville this year. But was what happened his fault?

Resist This

A new helmet technology from CCM looks to curb the rotational impact from hits to the side of the head.

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Preds defenseman Michael Del Zotto has a lot of skill and potential upside, and is still in his early twenties. But for what he brings to the ice currently, is the amount required to qualify him too big for Nashville?

Qualify This Man

Mattias Ekholm proved to be a capable second- or third-pair defenseman. For the right price, there's no reason for the Nashville Predators to not qualify him.

The Legend Continues

Born on a distant, dying planet and sent to Earth by his parents, only to be bitten by a radioactive spider, mutated by Gamma radiation, and infused with an adamantium skeleton, Dicky Clune's fantastic saga in SMASHville continues to unfold....