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OTF Contributor Emeritus. A longtime Preds fan and season ticket holder, I gave up my seats because graduate school and my career took me to Washington, D.C. for five years. I came back to Nashville in early 2014, only to leave again in mid-2015 to study law in Memphis. My permanent home is in Nashville, and after the deep playoff run of 2017 converted my wife into a hockey fan, she bought a season ticket with my little sister. Now that I'm finished in Memphis, we're full STH's once more.

Matt Cullen Season Review: Gritty, Not Pretty

2013 Nashville Predators free agent acquisition Matt Cullen came pretty much as advertised in the 2013-2014 season.

The Clock's Ticking

As he enters a contract year next season, Colin Wilson holds his future in Nashville in his own hands. Will he rise to the occasion?

Eric Nystrom Season Review: Prodigal Free Agent

The Nashville Predators winger proved capable in the #PredatorHard mold. The question now remains, does he have a place in the Laviolette era?

Coin Flip Hockey

Instead of developing a coherent offensive strategy, the Nashville Predators rely heavily on goaltending and defense, and recklessly leave the rest to chance.

24 turns 31

Happy birthday to one of General Manager David Poile's most savvy acquisitions in recent memory, and to Poile himself!

Hockeynomics: Maybe Not So Bad?

Artificially high supply on secondary ticket markets makes prices to some games less expensive than others -- but the Nashville Predators still seem to have a big problem.

Hockeynomics: Trouble in Smashville?

Lots of Nashville Predators season ticket holders are dumping their tickets on secondary markets, and low prices indicate very weak demand. Is this evidence of a systemic problem?

How I Won Movember

Raising a couple grand for charity in a month isn't easy, but it's easier than you think it is.

The Code

Some people will say The Code didn't protect Braden Holtby from Ray Emery's vicious attack. I say that story is still being written.

"Predators Hockey"

What does "Predators hockey" mean? It means your top scorers will put up middling offensive numbers, and that's maddening when you think about the coin the organization is shelling out for championship-level production.