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Thursday’s Dump & Chase: So Long, Farewell

"I regret to say that this is the end....I’m going now"

Thursday’s Dump & Chase: Do or Die

The Carolina Hurricanes face a 0-3 deficit in the Eastern Conference Final tonight. Can they avoid being swept after a Game 7 victory in round 1 and a sweep of their own in round 2?

Thursday’s Dump & Chase: I(IHF) See What You Did There

The international tournament begins this week, and the Preds and Blackhawks will combine for plenty of attendees.

Thursday’s Dump & Chase: Europe Season

NHL teams have the next six-ish weeks to scout and sign players from Europe who are looking to make their mark in the NHL full-time.

Thursday’s Dump & Chase: April Madness

With all four division champions out in the first round, this might already be the most unpredictable NHL playoff season ever. A shame that the Preds had to be on the wrong end of such history, but I'm *mostly* over the icky feeling that follows the end of a season.

Thursday’s Dump & Chase: Embarrassment

Today’s links will be replaced by block text of the author screaming all the superlatives he can think of to describe how bad the Preds were last night...oh wait, Kate says I can’t do that. Never mind.

Thursday’s Dump & Chase: Settling In

Now that the first-game jitters are out we can all relax, right?....Right?

Thursday’s Dump & Chase: New Beginnings

The Preds are 1-0-0 since I started my new job on Monday morning. Perhaps a portent of new things to come in Nashville?

Thursday’s Dump & Chase: Ill Feelings Die Hard

The Preds play the Pittsburgh Penguins this evening, and no, I haven’t let go of my 2017 angst.

Thursday’s Dump & Chase: LA-Bound

The Preds play again tonight...or do they? (They do.)