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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: A Quiet Place

It’s an unusually quiet news week...almost too quiet.

Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Trade Winds

The Predators might be selling, but the real question will be who’s buying?

Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Point Break

The All-Star break is upon us, which means it’s finally that point in the season where the Preds will either turn it around or hope for better luck next year.

Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: On To The Next One

The streak is over, shake it off, and on to the next one.

Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Another New Era

The third coach in franchise history made his Smashville debut Tuesday night.

Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Happy New Year!

It’s the first day of 2020 and the Nashville Predators have a Winter Classic to play.

Nashville Predators 4, Pittsburgh Penguins 6: Nashville’s Comeback Hopes Diminished By Goal Controversy

After a rough start Nashville looked alive until a penalty derailed their comeback.

Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Stayin’ Alive

The Preds are building snowmen in NY and restoring hope to the Smashville faithful that not all is lost.

Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Lightning Crashes

We’ve been here before.

Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Go For Gold

Three in a row would make Thanksgiving that much sweeter.