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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: So Long and Thanks For All the Fish and Peks and Toots and JOFA and....

In which your intrepid link archeologist moves on. Now, "Don’t Panic!". We all know where our towels are.

Tuesday’s Dump and Chase: Let’s Go Preds!

It was fun to win a game the other night, but really it’s okay just to dominate for 60 minutes. How about we try that tonight?

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: On and On

Can we keep the winning streak alive?

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Ice Melt

The last two weeks’ worth of ice is finally melting here—but the ice in Bridgestone is ready to go!

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Gonna Get A Little House-Bound!

Actually we didn’t get nearly as much snow as the forecasts said we could have here in Louisville. Still, it was enough for a couple of snow days, and there is always Wednesday!

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Here We Go Again

Does everyone have their seat bars down and glasses stored? The big hills and dips of this roller coaster are just beginning.

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Rinse and Repeat

Win or lose, it all pretty much looks the same.

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Hard About!

Can the team begin to right this ship in their game with Chicago tonight?

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Back to Back

The boys are right back in action tonight. Go Preds!

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Hockey Eve

Hockey returns tomorrow and Tampa Bay will raise their banner. Go Preds!