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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: “Unfit to Practice”

In which we are left to wonder if it is COVID-19 or car trouble.

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Holiday Interlude

As we move from Christmas to New Year’s Day, strange things are happening in certain hockey corners.

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Here We Go!

Plans are beginning to roll out for the 20-21 season (21-21 season?).

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: We’re Ready Already!

Hopefully the NHL and NHLPA will wrap things up this week and head for a vote. We want hockey!

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: No Light At The End Of The Tunnel

The NHL has revised their plan - but nothing has been heard on the money front.

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Hockey Anyone?

It’s been pretty quiet on the restart front. Shouldn’t training camp for the seven non-playoff teams be getting ready to start?

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: We Have Ice!!

The ice is down at Bridgestone Arena and players are inbound from everywhere.

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: The Road Goes Ever On and On

Is it me, or is it seeming pretty unlikely for an early January start?

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: There Be News!

Surprisingly, there is a fair amount of NHL and Nashville Predators news for today’s links.

Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Hockey Withdrawal

The weather is getting colder, but hockey is still over. That makes these early, dark nights incredibly long.