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Barry Trotz is saying strange things

Nashville Predators head coach Barry Trotz has a difficult job. When the team’s going through a rough patch, he needs to keep guys motivated and positive in order to best take on the challenges ahead. When others are underperforming, it’s his job to frankly and directly let them know what needs to be improved.

Just check out this quote from today’s practice, however, aired this evening on Fox17:

We’re playing as well as we have in 10 years, this year. Our team has done a lot of good things, we’ve gone through a lot of difficult situations. Our team is becoming “Predator Hard”, I would say.

I get how members of a team have to keep a positive outlook, but would anybody in their right mind say this team is playing as well as it has in 10 years? I’m a pretty creative guy, but I can’t come up with a way to have that statement make sense.

And I don’t even want to know what “Predator Hard” means, but perhaps I should get working on a new offering for the OTF store? Just think of the reaction you’d get walking around the concourse during intermission sporting an I’m Predator Hard t-shirt…

Western Conference Standings

Anaheim Ducks 45 32-8-5 69
Chicago Blackhawks 45 29-7-9 67
St. Louis Blues 42 30-7-5 65
San Jose Sharks 44 27-11-6 60
Los Angeles Kings 44 26-13-5 57
Colorado Avalanche 42 26-12-4 56
Vancouver Canucks 45 23-13-9 55
Phoenix Coyotes 42 21-12-9 51
Minnesota Wild 45 23-17-5 51
Dallas Stars 42 20-15-7 47
Nashville Predators 44 19-19-6 44
Winnipeg Jets 46 19-22-5 43
Calgary Flames 43 15-22-6 36
Edmonton Oilers 46 14-27-5 33

Which is weirder?

The Preds are playing as well as they have in 10 years 203
#PredatorHard 163

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